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Our Motto:
There is no such small problem that we do not take seriously,
and there is no such large problem that we could not resolve!

1161 Budapest Csömöri út 42.
Tel: 061 40 50 258
Mobil: 06 20 544 6251

Company information

Dear guest and prospective client!

Lakidar Kft. has been operating for the past 20 years with success through the country, with its headquarters based in Budapest. Our company is fully in Hungarian property and management.

Our specialist professionals are members of the Hungarian Chamber of Professionals of Public Health (MESZK) and the Association of Hungarian Gas Technology Specialist Professionals in Public Health (MEGE).

We lay great emphasis on the continuous training of our colleagues, the development of our work equipment and the introduction of environmentally friendly technologies, in order to achieve the best possible results available currently in our field.

Our company is a regular attendant of professional conferences.

Our company has been a pioneer to introduce the now widely applied gel-technology insecticide used in Hungary against cockroach. We were first to use the present-day hygiene practice of monitoring (GHP) and the use of insecticide that is responsive to measurement values (IPM/IPC system). We are proud of the fact that part of our documentation has become organic part of the Professional Training of Gas Technology Specialists, and is used in practice by a constantly widening circle of professionals.

Quality Assurance:
We have introduced and apply ISO 9001/2000 and 14001:2004 management system.

Our activities:
- in the framework of protection against animal pests:
- elimination of rodents
- insects
- mosquitoes
- protection against birds
- disinfection and fullscale waste removal
- in the area of protection of plants: spraying of rows of trees and parks with herbicide, cutting of trees, elimination of offshoots, herbicide treatment of weeds
- the protection of plantations, vineyards and crop fields against craws, starling and rabbit by means of falconry

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